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Solve the Tongue Tie Puzzle:

8 Missing Pieces Essential for Success. A whole body physical therapist perspective.

Why do some tongue tie surgeries succeed, yet others fail? This free course reveals important reasons WHY a tongue might be tight or tied from a whole body perspective which is essential for better longer lasting results.

...More tutorials coming soon from a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Is tongue tie surgery always necessary?

No cutting required!

This tongue tie improved in 1 week with hard work by the client and tongue wrangler pro. So surgery is often, but not always necessary.



Tongue Wranglers is passionate about finding and addressing root causes and underlying issues, then empowering  patients,  parents and pros with some of the latest tips and tools so you can...

1.Save time & money as you explore your best path to resolve tongue related problems.

2. Avoid unnecessary treatments as you understand the bigger picture.

3.Empower you with step-by-step videos and guides that can increase likelihood of SUCCESS!

4.Help  you “round up” your own team of talented Tongue Wrangler professionals.


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Click the picture to the left to learn HOW tongue tie wounds are different? and Why FUNCTION and not just Photo is key to success.

Did you know?...
Tongue ties can be connected with...


Anxiety & depression

Breast feeding problems

Breathing difficulties

Feeding & digestion issues


Jaw pain & problems

Mouth breathing

Neck & shoulder issues

Obstructive sleep apnea

Oral hygiene

Posture problems

Sleep disordered breathing


Speech difficulties

Swallowing issues



More courses coming soon...

Feeding and babies by an awesome Occupational Therapist.

As well as the impact of tongue ties on speech by an amazing speech language pathologist. 

Who are Tongue Wranglers?

Medical & dental professionals trained in the tongue and how it impacts their professional scope of practice and can include speech language pathologists, occupational & physical therapists, dental professionals, lactation consultants, ENT & sleep medicine physicians, midwives ...just to name a few.